Always the optimum setting - thanks to modular technology

In addition to the machine components, the modular system for the configuration of presses
encompasses a greater range of options allowing a basic machine to be in tune with parts it needs to
produce, resulting in greater efficiency.

Access to the mould and thereby the article is the focus of this technology. It eases the process of loading inserts as well as demoulding finished parts, and also makes mould changing easier. Sliding tables can be supplied for all machine versions.

Long manipulation times by the operator (demoulding/loading of parts) can lead to an inefficient overall cycle time. In many cases, rotary tables are the ideal answer - because after opening the machine a second lower mould set is swivelled in and the machine can be closed again. With the outer station swivelled out, it is possible to perform demoulding or load new inserts whilst the machine remains productive.

Specifically designed demoulding stations can be supplied for situations, in which high forces are applied or complex movements must be executed.

Frequent mould changes mean downtime. This should be avoided wherever possible. We offer different possibilities to keep it to a minimum. This includes the use of solutions derived from combinations of roller bars and quick latch systems with clamping bars or magnetic clamping technology.

Safety is the primary objective!

We utilise all conventional systems, from protective screen technologies to light barriers and laser scanners. Individual customisation and the highest standards are a given.

An innovative heating platen system reduces thermal outflow from moulds. As an option, LWB offers heating platens with insulating platen with additional integrated central insulating layer. By this, higher heating temperatures upto 400°C are possible with a significantly increased lifetime.

Oil or water temperature control units can be supplied optionally for rapid-reaction liquid temperature control in plasticising units and/or moulds.