Creative solutions for special requirements

The modularity of our machine and options result in a high degree of design flexibility. Taking into
account the individual requirements and applications of our customers in detail we develop perfectly
tailored custom machines.

Downstroking press with a clamping force of 10,000 kN and heating platen with 600 mm width and a length of 3,000 mm are a special requirement, as used for example in mining applications. Combined with a left/right shuttle system, machine standstill times are reduced to an absolute minimum.

  • Clamping force 10,000 kN top closing
  • Heating platen 600 x 3,000 mm
  • Left/right shuttle system

Upstroking presses with a clamping force of 12,000 kN and a heating platen size of 2,000 x 2,000 mm are a requirement for large mats and membranes. With this technology, two VR presses are combined, which are equipped with a total of 4 individual clamping cylinders. This combination facilitates maximum precision with incomparable machine stiffness.

  • Claming force 12,000 kN
  • Combined VR machines
  • Heating platen 2,000 x 2,000 mm
  • Maximum precision through 4 clamping cylinders
  • Incomparable machine stiffness

With our machine concept, we achieve a total mounting area of 2,200 x 700 mm with a rotary table diameter of almost 3 metres and a working height of just 850 mm. Two individual moulds are in use, each with its own thermoplastic injection unit.

  • Vertical 300 ton machine, top closing
  • Dual thermoplastic injection unit, horizontal
  • Rotary table ø 2,900 mm
  • Working height 850 mm
  • Total mounting area 2,200 x 700 mm