The right frame for every application

The ergonomics of the machine constitute an important factor in elastomer processing. The soft elastic
design structure and the hot mould environment during demoulding require free and ergonomically
favourable access to the mould area. Different clamping systems and press frames are available,
depending on the respective requirements and part classes.

  • Space-saving design with ergonomic operating height
  • Considerably increased daylight and large clamping stroke
  • Low, minimum mould height
  • Fast opening and closing times
  • Position of the injection unit and strip intake selectable (right/left, rear)
  • and therefore optimum alignment with factory space requirements
  • Maintenance-friendly access to the clamping unit
  • Good accessibility from three sides
  • Vertical C-frame clamping unit configured for maximum rigidity in two designs:
    “t” (top) downstroking, “b” (bottom) upstroking
  • “t” design with two parallel clamping cylinders on the top machine plate
  • “b” design with one upstroking central clamping cylinder
  • Extremely high rigidity
  • Slimline mounting of the press frame from plates or plate
    framework elements in welded design
  • Large and flexible clamping and heating platen dimensions
  • Optimum mould access
  • Available in downstroking or upstroking version
  • Available in a “wide version” with synchronised twin or multiclamping system
  • Specially designed for vacuum applications
  • Stable, rigid plate design
  • Complete evacuation of the mould loading area
  • Through the modular design, application purely as a vacuum press or as a vacuum injection moulding machine
  • Access to the mould area also possible from the rear via a maintenance door