LWB-Steinl management board extended.

LWB-Steinl management board extended



On July 3, 2018, Mr. Reinhard Danzer, who has been in the commercial management of LWB-Steinl since 2007, was appointed co-managing director of LWB Steinl GmbH & Co. KG and STG Stanztechnik GmbH by managing partner Peter Steinl. Co. KG. With this dual tip, the Steinl Group gains even more presence and stability. In addition, Reinhard Danzer will remain CFO and continue to be responsible for the commercial area of the group.


In his new position, the new co-managing director turned to the interview.
Below are excerpts from it.


> Mr. Danzer, you joined the company in 2007, even before the beginning of the last financial crisis. LWB-Steinl has weathered this crisis well. How did you experience or co-design this time?

Since at beginning of my professional activity with Mr. Diewald a commercial manager was already in the company (he later took over the establishment of the group company Biofibre), I was able to familiarize myself in detail with the structure of the Steinl-companies. That was a good thing, because as the Dow Jones flash crash of 10. May 2010 showed, downturns can happen very quickly and infect other markets and require quick and correct counter-reactions. Fortunately, the then management set against the crisis-driven decline of the readiness to invest first hand on the parts production in our STG and parallel on the enhancement of our machines. Due to that the crisis did not have dramatic consequences for LWB. For me, the time of the crisis management has been an invaluable opportunity to gain experience for similar situations, even though each crisis is somewhat different.


> The Steinl Group has grown significantly over the last 10 years through acquisitions and own start-ups. What was your role in this context?

The last 10 years have been marked by important steps towards globalization in a changing market both for LWB and STG. For a medium-sized company, as LWB is, this posed a considerable challenge. Against the background of the financial crisis, greater diversification and the further development of business areas were high on our daily agenda. As a result of this ongoing process, we have been able to expand our position in the markets relevant to us within the past six years, primarily by founding and taking over cognate companies.


> In addition to Peter Steinl, you were appointed co-managing-director of LWB-Steinl and STG-Stanztechnik on 1 July. What influence does this setting of course have on the future strategy of the Steinl Group? - especially as now a non-family-member represents the company to the outside!

I assume that in addition to the enthusiasm for technical brilliance, the economic aspects of this enthusiasm are strengthened in their importance through my appointment. I do not expect any major changes when considering corporate strategy and corporate group development. In the past, they have always been intensively discussed and agreed between me and the stakeholders. However, as the world does not stop turning, it is important for me to put existing structures and processes within the company as a whole to the test at regular intervals with the involvement of our colleagues and to further develop them.

Acting as a non-family-member in this position is certainly both a burden and an honor. For the family-owned company, appointing a non-family-member gives them the opportunity to consider strategies and decisions without family-ties and to discuss them controversially on a case-by-case basis. This applies to strategic planning as well as its operational implementation.

>How is the division of tasks defined between you and Mr Steinl? Will you also represent the company externally?

Our responsibility assignment is not determined in accordance with the rules of procedure, but is clarified directly in individual cases. Topics that are already being looked after by one of us will remain in the respective area of responsibility.

> Where do you see the company in 5 years?

Essentially, the group is to remain a niche-based medium-sized company with the focus on mechanical engineering. The increasing debate on global trade policy will certainly keep us busy, forcing us to follow local markets even more closely than before. In the view of five years, we aim to achieve an equal value creation from technically sophisticated customer solutions in all important currency and trading regions. In terms of technology, topics like "Industry 4.0" or IoT (Internet of Things) will challenge us. The same applies to the effects of demographic change due to the lower availability of skilled workers.


> Is the focus on the growth of the core business (rubber and plastic injection molding machine construction) or on the expansion of the group through the acquisition of additional companies?

Growth is desirable, but there is no guarantee that we will see growths also in the future. With the expansion and extension of the group in recent years, we have laid the foundation for a stable future. I think we have succeeded so far, so I do not expect any additional business areas in the near future, but rather strive to optimize our existing activities. Possibly with small acquisitions in peripheral areas, but who knows what the future holds - one should never say never (and laughs) ...

> Thank you for your time and all the best for the future



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