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LWB-Steinl and REP set up a Joint Venture for the Chinese Market

The two rubber and elastomer injection moulding machine
manufacturers LWB-Steinl GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in
Altdorf / Landshut-Germany and REP International in Corbas /
Lyon – France will cooperate on the Chinese market effective

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The automated production of rubber parts

If a production process must be both flexible and automated, standard machines can be combined with universally applicable robots. In this example, a plastic injection moulding machine and a rubber injection moulding machine are combined in composite parts manufacturing.

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Significant productivity increase through new cold-runner technology

The elastomer injection moulding machine manufacturer LWB Steinl presents at the K 2013 new technologies that enable a significant increase in efficiency. The main innovation is an innovative process technology and a new cold runner technology in combination with the proven Steinl EFE injection moulding system

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Mourning for Alfred Steinl

We mourn Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Alfred Steinl, founder of the rubber-injection moulding
machine manufacturer LWB-Steinl GmbH & Co. KG and STG Stanztechnik GmbH &
Co. KG in Altdorf near Landshut, who died on August, 24th 2013 at the age of 83.


Even for a proven specialist in his field, the entry into a new technology can be a tricky area. The first steps can certainly be difficult, unless you have a supplying partner who does more than merely provide machinery.

Read all about it in the following practice-oriented user report.

Review at the DKT 2012

We would like to thank all of our customers and interested parties for visiting our trade fair stand at DKT 2012 in Nuremberg.

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User report EFE-injection technology

How can I increase productivity by up to 30%? How can I achieve an extended time window for processing stored compounds? How can mould cavity contamination be avoided? How can I achieve longer maintenance intervals without the use of release agents? How can I increase capacity without investing in additional production space?

Read all about it in the following practice-oriented user report

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Review Tech Days 2011

Landshut-based injection moulding machine manufacturer LWB-Steinl held its Technology Days for the third time on 6th and 7th October and around 120 people took up the invitation to attend the event at Traunitz Castle in Landshut and were treated to a comprehensive insight into the latest developments for improving productivity in the injection moulding of elastomers …

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Considerably reduced vulcanisation time is the essential topic of EFE-injection technology

How much is the consequential saving?

LWB offers the opportunity to investigate possible annual savings or benefit for you, when using LWB EFE-injection technology.

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Stand -alone stuffer for processing of HTV-silicones

In addition to the stationary installed silicone stuffer units, LWB Steinl has designed a mobile stand-alone unit to be used on different machine types, especially on presses with an injection unit situated above the upper machine bolster plate.

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New concept for big machines to reflect changing market demands

A popular topic of discussion at the moment is whether it is better to overhaul old machinery from existing holdings, rather than investing in new machines. Despite the fact that they are left with what is still an old machine, some firms often opt for the overhaul option on the basis of the lower capital outlay required.

LWB Steinl has actively attempted to tackle this problem, defining a new class of “starter machine” to suit the situation.

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Fighting brand and product piracy

Product piracy is the prohibited copying and reproduction of goods that infringe the intellectual property, design and process rights held by their legal manufacturers. Brand and product pirates illegally use for their own products the technical expertise that a company has acquired following many years of hard work and the investment of tremendous financial resources.

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LWB EFE injection technology now available
for ENGEL-machinery
Cooperation LWB Steinl – ENGEL

Altdorf, Germany – April 2010. German machinery manfufacturer LWB Steinl, who successfully introduced their patented EFE injection technology for cure time reduction in the market, has decided to license this technology to the Austrian machiner manufacturer ENGEL. After efficient and satisfying negotiations, ENGEL is now the second company in the market who is offering the EFE technology for cure time reduction and increased output for rubber machinery.
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Our injection technology, Your competitive advantage.
See for yourself!

We are inviting you to carry out a “test run”, which you are welcome to undertake using your own mould and compound materials on our machines. Visit us at the new LWB Technical Centre and be delighted by your products, manufactured by you on our machines.

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Tremendous cost saving potential because of the small floor space required as well as the reduction of handling time is a characteristic of this machine. We are offering this machine in the range of 50 to 100 tons in a modular system, enabling you to individually choose the design of your machine among 16 different combinations!

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Deutsche Kautschuk-Gesellschaft honours LWB for performances in innovative products with the “Product Award 2009”.

By presenting the LWB “EFE”-technologie during the K`2004 the industry started a progess with regard to systems for increased efficiency achieved by cure time reduction. Since 5 years utilized in the industry, the “EFE” technology has set a new trend leading to more economic production systems…

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