The perfection of tiebarless machines

We recommend our C-frame presses for corner-vulcanization, glass encapsulating, end caps, moulded parts and 2K-parts. We offer machines for these applications, which can process elastomer as well as TPE and also both materials (LWB polyvalent press). We offer you special injection units for cold channel and TPE application.

As the leading manufacturer of C-frame machines, we set new standards in the area of edge-vulcanization with a consistent implementation of physics. With the help of the latest method of calculation, we continuously do research for the strengthening of the basic rack. The extreme stiffness of the columnless frame, in combination with a hydraulic clamping unit, makes this line a pioneer in questions of economy and handling for rubber as well as the TPE industry. The C-frame offers free access from three sides – without deranging columns.

Basically we offer two different lines with columnless frames:

  • Machines with a bottom hydraulic clamping unit with clamping forces from 20 tons up to 250 tons. The injection unit can be positioned on top as well as in the separating area.
  • Machines with two hydraulic cylinders on top are designed for applications with insertion parts. The insertion parts are situated on a fixed machine bed and are therefore not moved so no shifting is possible. The injection unit can be positioned on top, in the separating area or on the bottom.

Manufacturing profiles demand an excellent precision in dosing and repeatability, which is given with the E-injection unit. The full emptying of the injection chamber after each shot is unique with this system.

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